Biathlon Worlds. Julia Simon in gold in the sprint, historic French quadruple in Nove Mesto

History! The French team had never won a hat-trick at a Biathlon World Championship before this Friday, February 9. The Blues did even better in the sprint in Nove Mesto by taking the first four places in the race at the finish line!

Supersonic, both on the track and behind the rifle, Julia Simon won a second gold medal in two races, after a first title in the mixed relay two days earlier, which she shared with Justine Braisaz-Bouchet. The two compatriots find themselves once again on the podium, but this time the latter settles for silver, and pays for an error on the prone shot (9/10, +4”).

Overwhelming dominance over the competition

Lou Jeanmonnot took bronze, despite a mistake (+40”). The Doubiste could even have had her charm stolen in favor of Sophie Chauveau, who failed only four seconds (+44”) from a very first medal in the world championships

🎯 Biathlon World Championships, sprint (F)


Nove Mesto (Czech Republic), 7.5 km

  • The top 5 of the race

    1. 2.

      Justine Braisaz-Bouchet

      + 4”9

    2. + 40”8

    3. + 44”2

    4. + 46”5

6:23 p.m.

👋 Have a good end of the day

This is the end of this live, thank you everyone for following this historic race for French biathlon with us. See you tomorrow to follow the men’s race.

6:21 p.m.

​🏆 French quadruplet in Nove Mesto

The French team is historic in this women’s sprint at the Biathlon Worlds in the Czech Republic. Julia Simon is gold, ahead of Justine Braisaz-Bouchet, Lou Jeanmonnot and Sophie Chauveau.

🔵 It’s over for Jeanne Richard! The Frenchwoman still had a good race and took 15th place despite an 8/10.

🔵 No French quintuplet! Jeanne Richard makes two errors on the standing shot and goes far away.

🔵 Jeanne Richard flawless on the bench too! Can we dream of a quintuplet? The Frenchwoman still stands at 21” provisionally, and in 18th position. The standing shot will be decisive…

🟣 Watch out for the Latvian Baiba Bendika! She is only four seconds behind Chauveau in 4th place and could threaten the French quadruple. It seems too far away for Jeanmonnot on the other hand… But no, it’s a 5th place in the end!

🔵 SOPHIE CHAUVEAU FINISHES 4TH! We even thought the Frenchwoman was capable of coming to titillate Lou Jeanmonnot’s bronze medal but she failed 4” seconds from the bronze.

🔵 INCREDIBLE SOPHIE CHAUVEAU! The Frenchwoman is also at 9/10 but very fast on skis, and comes out of the shooting range standing at 40” in… 4th position! We have four Tricolores in the first four places.

🔴 Ingrid Tandrevold finishes far away too! Because of her big failure in the standing shot (3 errors), the Norwegian is only 14th, almost two minutes behind Julia Simon.

🟢​ Lisa Vittozzi finishes far away! The Italian, despite a flawless performance like Julia Simon, is 1’06” behind the Frenchwoman, who is getting a little closer to the title of world champion.

🔵 Justine Braisaz-Bouchet beaten! The Frenchwoman failed 5” behind Julia Simon despite a final supersonic lap. She pays for her mistake on the prone shot. But we provisionally have a historic tricolor hat-trick in this race.

🔵 We are starting to believe in a French hat-trick in this women’s sprint. Julia Simon could be titled ahead of Justine Braisaz-Bouchet and Lou Jeanmonnot.

🔴 THE CRAZY INGRID TANDREVOLD! The Norwegian made three errors on the standing shot and said goodbye to her chances of victory. It smells very good for Julia Simon.

🟡 Elvira Oeberg crosses the line too. She is behind Lou Jeanmonnot, who is holding on to his provisional 2nd place.

🟢 Lisa Vittozzi is far away! The Italian signed a flawless performance but still came out 48” behind Julia Simon.

🔵 Full power for Justine Braisaz-Bouchet! There she is, the threat to Julia Simon. She came out 12” behind her compatriot, despite a penalty lap earlier in the race. We have three French women in the first three places after the second shot.

⚫ An error for Franziska Preuss on her feet! The German eliminates herself from the race for the podium.

🔵​​ Lou Jeanmonnot provisionally takes 2nd place of the race, 40” from Julia Simon. It should fit in between. We will be watching in particular Vittozzi, Tandrevold and Braisaz-Bouchet.

🔴 Watch out for Ida Lien… The Norwegian is 5/5 after lying down and comes out less than ten seconds from the lead.

🔴 Four new mistakes for Lena Haecki! The Swiss finishes at 5/10. We will probably not see her again during the chase.

🔵 Julia Simon cuts the line! The Frenchwoman temporarily takes control of this world championship sprint.

🔴 Karoline Knotten and Janina Hettich missed each other on the standing shot and they also said goodbye to the podium. A mistake…

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